Private walks are either 15 or 30 minutes, where we make sure the dog does their business and gets some time outside. If the dog is aggressive an addition charge will be added and we would do some training to work on the dogs triggers to hopefully help you and your dog have more enjoyable walks!



Group walks are 45 minutes to an hour long and are with a maximum of 3-4 dogs per walker. During the group walk we make sure your dog does it's business and we take the rest of the time to explore the neighbourhood, work on any bad behaviours if the dog has any and socialize with other dogs. 





Currently for our regular dog walking clients only. Our boarding is in-home and during the day while Katrina's out walking the local dogs, your dog will either come with her on the walks or will be at Pawse Boutique enjoying the shop dog life. 


Pet Sitting

One of our Wagging Tails team members will stay with your pet(s) at your home where they are comfortable and stress free for the duration of the time you are away. Pet Sitting includes minimum 3 walks per day, feeding times matching their usual schedule, mail pick up, care for the plants in your home, and more.


*The duration of the walks are approximate. Several factors can influence the time such as temperature, dog's energy level, etc...

*Prices are subject to change without advanced notice.

*Evening (after 5pm) and weekend walks an additional $5.00 will be charged

*All prices include Tax