Established in 2009, Wagging Tails grew from a dog walking hobby to a now successful dog walking company. Katrina started Wagging Tails when she was in University to get herself through school. After graduating she realized she was already doing exactly what she loved and had wanted to do since she could remember. Why not continuing working with the animals you love? The company is fuelled by a love for dogs and a passion for always wanting to learn more about these furry friends of ours!

With 8 years of experience, a summer doing the Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship with Gaby Dufresne-Cyr of The Dogue Shop and continually attending seminars and training courses, Katrina and the Wagging Tails team are always expanding their knowledge of dogs and dog behaviour. Wagging Tails is proud to be a positive reinforcement based dog walking, pet-sitting and in-home boarding company. We lead with positive energy and use the dogs own interests to create healthy, balanced behaviours all while having fun and walking around the Sud-Ouest of Montreal with your dogs!  



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